Some of the most important achievements of association

Some of the most important achievements of association during past years:

  1. Giving Motivations and stimulate the dried fruits producers to increase the quality of their products and meeting the international standards of production, process, and packing of dried fruits.
  2. enactment and execution of exportation tax exemption in a coherent effort with the other associations
  3. Attempting to waiver the mandatory standards of dried fruits exportation.
  4. Participation in the international conventions to remove the restrictions and constrains which dried fruits (particularly Pistachio) exportation is facing.
  5. Forming a commission of experts to pursue different aspects of dried fruit exportation affairs, such as (pistachio-raisin-date- and fig commission’s expert).
  6. Devising and consolidating a harmonized method of production, process and packing of Iranian raisin for exportation purpose, aiming the augmentation of raisin`s quality and introducing such quality to customer.
  7. Participation in expert conferences and seminars of dried fruits such as nut council and raisin conference.
  8. Publishing the bulletins and make the association website operational in order to sectional communication and informing the members.