• Definition:

    Pistachio is a dioecious tree from the pistacia subsection of which the Iranian type is famous for quality. Pistachio is one of the most important agricultural products of the country that bears an extraordinary importance in different economical, social environmental and …. aspects. The production value of this precious product is about 10% the country’s non oil revenues.

  •  HS Code: 080250
  • Varieties of pistachio: Ohadi, Kalle Ghouchi, Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Ghazwini.

  • Present obstacles to exports:

    Lack of attention to the subjects related to the trade of dried fruits especially pistachios including at the CODEX international forum for the elimination or reduction of the existing threats to the trade of such products, weakness in the storage and transportation of pistachio, lack of a coherent mechanism for addressing varied problems related to pistachio, weakness in the applied research related to pistachio in different departments of agriculture, packing, health and standardization, related side industries, marketing and market research, and the development of the pistachio based sub-products.

Recent 10 years Pistachio exporting statics