• Definition:

Consumption of dry grapes that it generally called raisins started centuries ago. In Iran and Egypt, it was first produced some 2000 years ago. In Rome, raisins were given as a gift to those who used to decorate the temples and as a prized to the athletes who won the games.

  • HS code:

Currant (mawiz) raisins, 0806 2010. Nitrified seeded raisins, 0806 2920. Seedless nitrified raisins 08062030. Sundried seeded raisins, 0806 2040. Sundried seedless rasins, 0806 2050. Seedless angury raisins, 0806 2060. Seedless green Kashmari raisins, 0806 2070. Green seeded Kashmari raisins 0806 2080. Other non above mentioned legumes, 0806 2090.

  • Types of raisins:

Mawiz raisins, Nitrified seede raisins, seedless nitrified raisins, sun dried seeded raisins, sundried seedless raisins, seedless angury raisins, seedless green Kashmari raisins, green seeded Kashmari raisins, other raisins.

  • The current obstacles to export:

    Lack of attention to the subjects related to the trade of dried fruits especially dried grapes including at the CODEX international forum for the elimination or reduction of the existing threats to the trade of such products, weakness in the storage and transportation of raisins, lack of a coherent mechanism for addressing varied problems related to raisins, weakness in the applied research related to raisins in different departments of agriculture, packing, health and standardization, related side industries, marketing and market research, and the development of the raisins based sub-products.

Recent 9 years Exporting statistics of Raisin