• Definition:

    The figs tree the scientific name of which is FICUS is a genus Muracee family and comprises 600 sub-species most of which are decorative or wild. One example is the famous rubber tree that is both decorative and industrial. Ficus bangalensis and Ficus Rubiginusa are the decorative species of this tree that are vastly used as a decorative in apartments. The types that are grown in the orchards for the sake of their fruits are: Ficus Carica, Ficus Palmata, and Ficus pudukarica. The Ficus Karica is the ordinary fig that its fruit is eaten but the Ficus Palmata and Fucus Pudukarica are mostly used for the pollination of the different types of the edible figs.

  • HS Code:  08131000
  • Varieties of fig: dried fig Or fresh fig

  • The current obstacles to exports:

    Lack of attention to the subjects related to the trade of dried fruits especially figs including at the CODEX international forum for the elimination or reduction of the existing threats to the trade of such products, weakness in the storage and transportation of figs, lack of a coherent mechanism for addressing varied problems related to figs, weakness in the applied research related to figs in different departments of agriculture, packing, health and standardization, related side industries, marketing and market research, and the development of the figs based sub-products.

Recent 9 Years Exporting Statistics of Fig